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Keep an eye on your home and business - Anywhere

Welcome to the product and services page of Ginrai.  We offer security solutions for home and business.  As an authorized reseller of state of the art security hardware, we can bring added value when either purchasing from us or having our certified technicians install and explain how to use them.  Keep an eye, be alerted, be connected and best of all, deter threats with Ginrai Security Systems.

Everything At Your Fingertips.

The Best Technology. Pro Installers. Zero Compromises.

Front Door

Video Door Bell / Remote Unlock / Package Notification

Bird’s Eye View

180 Degree Cameras Deter and Secure

Remote Office

Home Office Networking Setup

Safety Integration

Fire Detection / Glass Break Alarms

Headquaters or Master Bedroom

Monitoring Hub / Entertainment

Secure Garage

Fire / Motion Sensor / Door Open Detection


Upgrade Your Security

We believe in mobility, which means you can check in on property wherever life takes you. While traditional systems have service fees and hidden costs, we store all footage locally in your home or facility.  On all of our systems, we offer home monitoring for those that want the added benefits.  Finally the peace of mind you’ve been craving is here.


Certified Pro Technicians

Our Technicians carry our brand. Kind, courteous and treat homes, businesses and people with respect, this translates ultimately into higher quality service. We know our products inside out and will consult with you to choose the best products for you and ensure you have useable knowledge before we leave.

Enter Into A Modern World

Every Security Product We Offer We Trust

Modern Alarm System 1:16

Touch Screen Hubs can be wall mounted or placed on a table top.

High Resolution 1:39

We offer cameras to fit your budget and your needs for your home or business.

Home/Business Automation 2:05

Meet the new Nest Thermostat from Google, with HVAC monitoring that keeps you and your budget comfy.


Hardwire LAN

Cat5e Cable

Universal connectivity for LAN network components such as PCs, computer servers, printers, routers, switch boxes, network media players, NAS, VoIP phones, PoE devices, and more


Sound and Sight

Rest assured we have an array of cameras, motion detectors, window and door contacts sensors.

Wi-Fi 6

9.6 GBPS

Wi-Fi 6 is needed as more and more devices are connecting to your network: cell phones, tv’s, tablets and even vacuums.  Upgrade to ensure your network connectivity does not suffer.


Apple Amazon Google

Whether you are team Apple, Amazon, Google or all of the above.  We can get them all onto your network.

GX1 Premium Home Security

The GX1 package is nothing but the ultimate Home Security and Automation Package. Built to perfection from the ground up by experienced installers who want to deliver systems that can be spec’d to be better than what’s out there.

DSC ALARM System and 8 Camera IP Colorvu System
2 Keypads,  Panel, Siren, battery, 3 motion Sensors, 6 door/window contacts – Wireless Transceiver
8 x 8MP IP Colorvu Camera System, with 8 Channel NVR Recorder with 4TB Hard-drive (Cat6 Network cable)
3MP Doorbell Camera
Google Nest Thermostat
50 Inch Smart TV

From $12,000.00

GX2 Pro Home Security

A great system for peace of mind.
DSC Alarm System 1 Keypad, 2 motion Sensors,  3 Door/Window contacts,  Transceiver,  Panel
3MP Doorbell Camera
4 x 8MP IP IR Camera Systems with NVR Recorder with 1TB Hard-drive (Cat5e Network Cable)

From $5000.00

GX3 Quick Protect Security

Get the basics installed in a few hours.

DSC Alarm System 1 Keypad, 1 Motion Sensor, 2 Door/Window contacts, Transceiver, Panel
3MP Doorbell Camera
3 x 2MP IP IR Camera Systems with NVR Recorder with 1TB Hard-drive (Cat5e Network Cable)

From $2500